If you’ve tried to read the Bible but struggled to get very far, then the Readable Bible eBooks may be just what you’ve been looking for.

In this series you’ll find the complete text of the King James Bible presented in a fresh clear format. The distracting chapter and verse numbering has been removed, and the text has been reorganized into natural paragraphs. In addition, dialog has been clearly emphasized instead of being simply embedded into the body of the text. So now each of the stories can once again be read in the way the original authors intended, as a free flowing narrative.

New books are being released as soon as they’re ready and they’ll be available in electronic format only – for Kindles, iPads and iPhones – on the Amazon and Apple book stores. You can also read the books on PCs and Macs, and on Android tablets and phones using the free Kindle app.

Each book is illustrated with beautiful biblical paintings, and includes maps of the area in which the events took place.

Whether you’re a devout christian, a curious reader from another faith, or a secular reader interested in the world’s most popular and influential book, this new “readable” adaptation of the Bible will help you quickly and enjoyably achieve a fuller understanding of the biblical stories, characters and events.